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Pushing Limits at Crossfit Open 2017

By Hayley Musashi
A summary and look back at my experiences during the 2017 Crossfit Open.

fitness DATE: 03/28/17

Meet Hawaii's Fittest Man

By Hayley Musashi
Meet Teanu Rickard, a two-time Crossfit Regionals qualifier and Fittest Man in Hawaii.

fitness DATE: 06/26/17

Healthy Snacks for Your Desk Drawer

By Hayley Musashi
Simple, minimal-cooking ideas to snack healthy at work.

food DATE: 03/14/17

5 Houseplants for Better Health

By Hayley Musashi
A quick guide to a small variety of houseplants used to improve air quality in the home.

lifestyle DATE: 06/01/17

Ways to Reset This Summer

By Lynn Shizumura, Well-Being Hawaii
Make the most of your health and well-being this summer.

health DATE: 07/05/17