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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

By Denise Lau
Dealing with pregnancy loss for Infant Loss Awareness Day.

health DATE: 10/15/15

Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy

By Fernando Pacheco, Lynn Shizumura
Learn how you can support an active, healthy pregnancy with prenatal yoga.

fitness DATE: 08/10/17

Starting Life at Four Pounds, Six Ounces

By Jamie Nakasone
A blog about premature babies. Compares the birth/life of two people who were born prematurely. One is still a baby and one is now an adult. Both were born at the same weight, 4 pounds 6 ounces.

health DATE: 06/15/15

Controlling Gestational Diabetes

By Denise Lau
Tips from a mom on how to manage your gestational diabetes.

health DATE: 09/19/15

Rice Alternatives

By Denise Lau
Like most people who live here in the islands, I love rice. And up until this past year or two, I would eat a large serving of white rice daily.

food DATE: 09/06/15

Local Teen Stomps Out Bullying

By Neal Iwamoto
B.R.A.V.E. Hawaii raises awareness on bullying and helps Hawaii students and parents with tips on bullying prevention.

health DATE: 10/02/15

6 Tips to Beat the Weight Battle

By Moani Wright-Van Alst
Do you struggle with your weight? Here are 6 tips to beat the weight battle and quit yo-yoing for good.

health DATE: 11/10/15

Why Cervical Cancer Is Still a Problem

By Denise Lau
Why cervical cancer is still a problem now that we have an HPV vaccine and Pap test guidelines have softened. Why a woman should still be screened to avoid cervical cancer.

health DATE: 01/19/16

If Men Could Give Birth

By Mahina Yahiro O’Neill
When most people think of childbirth, they think of the mother and baby. But as our guest blogger explains, the role of the father can be crucial to the process.

health DATE: 03/18/16

World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

By World Health Organization
WHO is marking its annual World Health Day, April 7, which celebrates the Organization’s founding in 1948, by issuing a call for action on diabetes.

health DATE: 04/07/16

When ‘Baby Blues’ Is Something More Serious

By Denise Lau
We sat down with Hawaii psychologist, Dr. June Ching, to find out the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and learn how to get help or how to help a loved one who may be suffering from this condition.

health DATE: 07/22/16

August is National Breastfeeding Month

By Denise Lau
The health benefits of breastfeeding.

health DATE: 08/09/16