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Dealing with Road Rage

By Fernando Pacheco
The convenience of smartphones and social media has brought road rage videos to the limelight, publicly shaming drivers and sometimes even affecting their career. So how do we manage our stress in traffic?

health DATE: 08/24/15

Laughter: The Best Medicine

By Craig DeSilva
The Society of Professional Journalists Gridiron show that pokes fun at news events and news makers is a good stress relief for both audience and performers. Studies show that laughing is good for your physical health and overall well-being.

lifestyle DATE: 08/31/15

Gridiron: Good Times, Big Laughs, Great Friendships

By Moani Wright-Van Alst
I participate in a biennial news parody show called the Gridiron. As a full-time working mother of two young boys, I am constantly struggling to find balance in my life. So why would I subject myself to six weeks of intense rehearsals that culminate in one of the most anticipated productions at Diamond Head Theater?

lifestyle DATE: 08/31/15

How I Got My Stoke Back

By Danielle Douglass
Have you ever had a hobby or something you love fall to the wayside because of the hustle and bustle of life? Letting go of things that bring happiness can affect your well-being. Sometimes it takes a step away from day to day life to come to this realization.

health DATE: 09/11/15

Coping with the Holiday Blues

By Craig DeSilva
The holidays are meant to be a joyful time. But for many people, it can cause the “holiday blues.” Feelings of melancholy from the loss of loved ones or unhappy memories of the past often surface during the holidays. The holidays can also cause stress that affects your emotional and physical health. We have tips from a local expert to help beat the holiday blues.

health DATE: 12/08/15

Our Guide to Magic Island Path Repairs

By Lynn Shizumura
The Magic Island (Aina Moana) path at Ala Moana Regional Park is under renovation as part of the city's park improvement project. Well-Being Hawaii offers useful tips to stay safe and maximize space along the popular path.

fitness DATE: 02/03/16

28th Annual Open House And Unthirsty Plant Sale

By Jessika Garcia
The Board of Water Supply (BWS) and the Friends of Halawa Xeriscape Garden (FOHXG) present the Halawa Xeriscape Garden Open House and Unthirsty Plant Sale.

events DATE: 02/04/16

Jumping on the Hydroflask Bandwagon

By Fernando Pacheco
I decided to go with the Hydroflask brand just because it was the most popular. I mean … if I’m going to go trendy, I might as well go all the way, right? Once I landed on my brand of choice, there was a flood of options – color, size, customize, screw top, flip top, straw – save me!

health DATE: 04/25/16

What’s On Your Bucket List?

By Hospice Hawaii
Hospice Hawaii's "My Bucket List" campaign is encouraging people to live life to the fullest and make the most of the time they're given.

health DATE: 07/05/16

Learn to Downshift and Stress Less

By Mari-Ela Chock
Our Blue Zones Project experts give stress management tips.

health DATE: 07/29/16

20 Tips For A Safe Halloween

By Neal Iwamoto
20 safety tips for Halloween

lifestyle DATE: 10/31/16

Biking On The Road To Good Health

By Robert Harrison
At age 58, avid bicyclist and HMSA employee Bob Harrison hasn't stopped living life to the fullest. He recently took the bike challenge of his life by pedaling from the Missouri River to Lake Michigan.

fitness DATE: 01/10/17