Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Vision for Healthcare

CNN’s award winning medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, M.D. arrived in Hawaii this week to visit family, but took the time to address community doctors and leaders about the future of health care. He pointed out that health care is hard to predict since “it changes daily, sometimes with a tweet.” 

The doctor shared his vision of what a perfect healthcare system would look like. He described a system where patients take control of their own health, where doctors practice more disease prevention and less disease treatment, and where people’s “light” grows brighter, not dimmer, as they age.  

Technology, which has become a part of our daily lives, will play a big role in the future of healthcare. He used Sharecare as an example. This digital health and well-being platform gives consumers a personal, convenient way to manage their health. The app can learn your exercise habits, sense your mood, and even help you improve personal relationships. 

Imagine a day when you can’t get to the gym because of a work crisis. In the future, Sharecare could sense your anxiety and intervene by displaying a picture of your child on your phone. Immediately, you’d remember your purpose in life, calm down, and keep you from looking for more harmful alternatives to improve your mood. 

Dr. Gupta also talked about the future of health records, where virtual reality images will replace hard-to-understand medical charts. With Sharecare, doctors will be able to take you on a 3D journey through your organs and tissues, pointing out areas of concern and area that need operation or healing. Such technology would open up a new type of dialogue between doctors, patients, and their loved ones. 

Although the future is hard to predict, Dr. Gupta is certain that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they’re from, thinks about their health in some form or another. Today, we’re beginning to see people “optimize” their health the same way they optimize their technology for top performance. People don’t want to grow old in a hospital. They want to enjoy the finer things in life as they age. Dr. Gupta is very optimistic for the future. “Wherever you are on your health care journey," he says, 'You can always be better tomorrow.” 

For more information about how you can take charge of your well-being with Sharecare, visit hmsa.sharecare.com.