First Blue Zones Worksite in Central Maui

Faculty, staff, and administrators of Baldwin High School celebrated the school being named the first worksite in Central Maui to become a Blue Zones Project Approved™ worksite.

“The Baldwin ohana is proud to earn the distinction of becoming the first Blue Zones Project Approved worksite in Central Maui,” said Karen Walker, Baldwin vice principal and school wellness committee member. “Baldwin adopted the Blue Zones Project® initiative because it supports our staff’s desire to work together to build a school community that’s healthier, happier, and more connected.”

More than 80 percent of Baldwin’s employees signed the Blue Zones Project Personal Pledge and committed to adopting healthy habits into their lives. This pledge includes small suggestions to make healthier decisions on a daily basis. 

The school celebrated this recognition with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a cooking contest featuring local sweet potatoes, zucchini, and herbs donated by Kumu Farms. Marilyn Wong won for Most Creative Dish, Helena Brown won for Best Tasting Dish, and Satoko Kiyabu won for Best Presentation. Judges included Malika Dudley of, Sherri Grimes of Pacific Media Group, Toni Rojas of Queen Kaahumanu Center, Manu Vinciguerra of Kumu Farms, and Karey Kapoi of HMSA

The school achieved Blue Zones Project Approved status by successfully adopting best practices that promote employee well-being, including: 

  • Encouraging standing meetings when possible.
  • Organizing a Purpose Workshop so employees can articulate and connect with their own personal purpose.
  • Supporting micro-breaks to stretch every hour.
  • Designating a quiet space in the office where employees can downshift or meditate.
  • Organizing walking groups and walking routes to encourage moving naturally.
  • Offering stretching every Tuesday at morning recess.
  • Hosting a plant-based cooking class.

Baldwin High School was founded in 1938 and serves 1,400 students in grades 9-12. About 140 employees work at the school, which is located in Wailuku.  Their mission is to develop a community of learners who have the competence and confidence to achieve personal goals and who are responsible stewards of our global community.

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