Working Out With KSSK’s Sweetie Pacarro

Sweetie Pacarro's workout is a family affair.

When Pacarro noticed that her daughter was down in the dumps and picking up weight, mother knew best to enroll her in a gym.

Exercise was the right prescription for her daughter to get unstuck. After all, studies show that working out is good for your mental – as well as physical – health. It was also a good excuse for Pacarro to get back into an exercise routine that she once had before becoming a busy radio personality.

Along with a personal trainer, mother and daughter held each other accountable and motivated each other to stay on track. The results? They each lost 15 to 20 pounds and gained priceless mother-daughter bonding time.  

Pacarro (left) working out with daughter Courtney (right) and trainer June Supnet (center). 

But it’s not just about losing weight. Pacarro has lost friends and family members because of preventable health conditions, so she and her husband are doing what they can to stay healthy. They have a daily walking routine in their Royal Kunia neighborhood.

“We often reach 10,000 steps on our Fitbits,” she says. Their two sons come along, too. And she hits the gym in hotels and cruise ships when traveling with KSSK’s Perry and the Posse Morning Show.

Pacarro walks with husband Brad Johnson in their Royal Kunia neighborhood.

Earlier this year, Pacarro put her routine on hold while recovering from a torn meniscus and a fractured ankle. Her injuries haven’t tampered her energy and enthusiasm though. She’s making a full recovery so she can exercise for herself and her family.