Quiz: Think You Know the Flu?

It may be hard to believe, but flu season’s just around the corner. Take your best shot at our quiz and stay healthy during flu season, which usually starts in October and ends in March. To take the quiz, read through the questions and scroll down for the answers.

1. Influenza is different and more contagious than the flu.

2. You can spread the flu even if you don’t look or feel sick. 

3. The flu shot offers complete protection from the flu.

4. Children younger than five are at higher risk for flu-related complications.


1. False. The flu is the common name for influenza, a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses.

2. True. If you’re infected with a flu virus, it takes about one to four days for symptoms to develop. During that time, it’s possible to spread the flu to others, even if you feel healthy. You can also spread the flu while you’re sick and after your symptoms have improved. 

3. False. The CDC says the flu vaccine, which is made to protect people against several viruses that may spread in the flu season, provides the best protection against the flu. However, it won’t protect you from a flu virus that isn’t covered by the vaccine or illnesses that look like the flu but aren’t. 

4. True. People at higher risk for developing flu-related complications include children younger than five, adults 65 and older, pregnant women, and residents in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. 

Want to get vaccinated? Call your doctor or visit your local pharmacy to get a flu shot, often at no cost. To read more about flu prevention, check out our Ask a Doctor feature in the fall issue of Island Scene. You can also learn more at a Germ Busters health education workshop, which is available to HMSA members at no cost. Nonmembers can attend if space is available.