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Back to School: Healthy Snacks

By Danielle Douglass
Hawaii's Department of Education has nutritional guidelines for snacks at school. These five simple and easy snacks meet the DOE's nutritional guidelines and taste great!

food DATE: 08/03/17

Healthy Snacks for Your Desk Drawer

By Hayley Musashi
Simple, minimal-cooking ideas to snack healthy at work.

food DATE: 03/14/17

Healthy Snacks for Your Keiki

By Michelle Sullivan, Ashley Leahey
Looking for a healthy snack your kids will love? Check out one of our recipes!

food DATE: 09/14/17

5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

By Fernando Pacheco
It can be tough to find healthy options amid the parade of junk food offered during the Halloween season. Fortunately, new ideas are always popping up on the web and we decided to try a few of our favorites.

food DATE: 10/24/16

Hurricane Food Gone Healthy

By Lynn Shizumura
Helpful tips for eating healthy during a natural disaster.

food DATE: 08/19/15

Instilling Healthy Habits in Kids

By Danielle Douglass
Instilling healthy habits in children starts at home with parents. Read tips from our Well-Being bloggers on how you can set your kids up for the healthy lives possible.

lifestyle DATE: 01/11/16

Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy

By Fernando Pacheco, Lynn Shizumura
Learn how you can support an active, healthy pregnancy with prenatal yoga.

fitness DATE: 08/10/17

Five Tips for a Healthy Family

By Jessica Gellert
Keeping your family healthy doesn't have to be a struggle. Read one local mom's tips for family health and well-being.

lifestyle DATE: 03/22/18

Healthy Frozen Treats for Your Dog

By Michelle Sullivan
Celebrate National Dog Day with these healthy, frozen treats!

lifestyle DATE: 08/25/17

What to Eat for Healthy Teeth

By Dr. Baleix and Dr. Lewando
We all know healthy food makes for healthy bodies, but did you know it also makes for healthy teeth? Check out how a few healthy foods can help you keep your smile shining.

food DATE: 03/29/18

Celebrating Healthy Lunch Day

By Courtney Takabayashi
Celebrate Healthy Lunch Day on September 19 with our tips on how to make or order a healthy lunch. It's easy and delicious.

food DATE: 09/19/17

Healthy Eating for Kids

By Jessika Garcia
Learn about healthy snacks and tips to encourage healthy eating at home and while dining out as a family.

events DATE: 07/01/16