Spring Clean for Your Well-being

Lynn Shizumura
April 09, 2018

Spring is the season of renewal and your living space should be no exception. Even if you clean regularly, chances are there are parts of your home that haven’t been touched. Take a closer look and you may find dust in hard-to-reach places, clothes you didn’t know you had, and spices in your pantry that expired long ago. If the thought of a cleaner and more-organized home inspires you, here are a few tips to help you along the way.  

Make a cleaning checklist
Have you ever tried washing your walls or flipping your mattress as part of your cleaning routine? Everyone’s home and needs are different. Create a plan that works for you by looking at DIY cleaning solutions, spring cleaning checklists, and cleaning hacks online. 

Let go
Alice Inoue, life coach and founder of Happiness U, says clutter is generally anything you don’t use or love. If you’re not sure how to start getting rid of it, choose a small area that you’ve been avoiding or pick any corner of your home. Then decide what you can toss, donate, sell, repair, or return to its owner. "Seeing how something small can make a difference will help you gain inspiration and confidence," she says.    

Think outside the box
Need to clean out your closet? Inoue suggests starting with everyday clothes you haven’t worn in more a year. Can’t get rid of cards or other sentimental items? Take a photo of the ones that mean the  the most to you so you can carry it with you in digital form. It can also help to think about what you would keep if you had to move or sell your home.  

Mark your calendar
Give yourself the time you need to get the job done. Use a calendar to keep you on a schedule and try to be as specific as possible. For example, on April 27, you can plan to clean your kitchen and organize your pantry from 8-10 a.m. If it’s convenient for you to work on the weekends, spread your work out over several weeks.  

Maintain your progress
Keeping your home clean and organized is an ongoing process. To stay on track, use weekly and monthly checklists, donate items regularly, and avoid buying things you don’t need. 

Will you be spring cleaning this year? Share your tips with us.   

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